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Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy

Официальный сайт факультета «Консультативная и клиническая психология» ФГБОУ ВО МГППУ

Kholmogorova A.B.
Doctor of Psychology, Professor


The department conducts training in the specialty «Clinical Psychology», provides basic clinical training for all students of the faculty.

The department is focused on combining the best achievements of Russian and foreign scientific clinical psychology. All theoretical and practical courses necessarily include information about the most significant current trends and research.

Many members of the department have a long experience of working in the oldest and most famous Moscow scientific laboratories of clinical psychology, associated with the names of B.V. Zeigarnik, S.Ya. Rubinstein, Yu.F. Polyakova and other major Russian clinical psychologists. Leading staff of the department have experience of foreign internships in well-known Western clinics and mental health centers. Various members of the department have training in almost all major areas of modern psychotherapy.

The department attaches particular importance to the basic training of students in the field of theory and history of psychology, as well as in the field of psychodiagnostics, developmental, social, pedagogical and general psychology.

The department focuses on the development of knowledge and skills to work with the most common disorders that occur in large numbers in life (among teachers, students of schools and higher educational institutions, in production, in business), and not in psychiatric hospitals. These are depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, alcoholism, drug addiction, suicidal behavior.

Particular attention is paid to the problems of prevention of these disorders, the study and timely identification of risk factors. A multi-stage program is provided for developing practical skills in psychodiagnostics and psychological assistance, training in the field of basic skills in providing psychological assistance. The principal position of the department is to focus on the synthesis of the best achievements of various schools of modern psychotherapy. Particular attention is paid to the cognitive-behavioral direction, as it has proven its high efficiency in the treatment of emotional disorders and the correction of emotional disorders.



The Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy consistently develops the topic “Psychological factors of emotional and social maladjustment of schoolchildren and students” in various aspects: perfectionism and standards of physical attractiveness, social anxiety and the problem of loneliness, factors of self-damaging behavior, eating disorders, problematic use of the Internet.

The problems of school education are studied: the role of motivation and subjective position, psychological factors of violence and bullying, characteristics of children with autism spectrum disorders.

Much attention is paid to the development of original and validation of existing tools for diagnosing psychological factors of maladaptation.

The important achievements of the faculty include the development of an original scientific direction in the field of psychological assistance — Integrative Psychotherapy for Affective Spectrum Disorders (headed by A.B. Kholmogorova).



  • 37.05.01 Clinical psychology (specialist’s degree)